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Triangular blinds

Blinds can be made for and fitted to virtually any angular shaped window, covering apex, trapezium and classic triangles. Sloped venetian blinds will have their slats handcrafted to the angle of their head rail. This means that the slats will tilt from the open position to, either, backwards away from the room or forwards into the room. True triangle Venetian blinds with ONLY 3 sides will NOT have a raise/lower function, they will only tilt. Trapezium shaped blinds will raise up to the point where the slope begins and no further.


  • 50mm Wooden Venetians
  • 25mm Wooden Venetians
  • 25mm Aluminium Venetians(Aluminium Slat Blinds Can Be Privacy Punched.)
triangle window blinds

Triangular shutters

There are a range of shutter options for triangular windows. Wooden plantation shutters are available in various finishes.

triangle window shutters

Triangular shapes include

triangle window blinds shutters icons

Triangular blinds and shutters can be motorised or have manual controls.