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Blind and Shutter
Control Options

Manual Controls

The Ultrawand controller is a tilt mechanism and raise/lower function in one unit. You twist the clear plastic wand in your fingers to tilt the blind slats forwards and backwards. The cords that run through the centre are then pulled out from the bottom of the wand in order to raise the blind up.

A short pull on the wand itself will then lower the blind back down again. This type of manual control is used on all our 25mm Aluminium and Wood slat shaped blinds and 50mm Arched blinds.

Standard cord controls are simply a set of cords to raise and lower the blind and two separate cords to tilt the slats forwards and backwards.

shaped venetian blinds with manual control

Motorised Controls

The Coulisse wire free motorised system is used on all shaped blinds with the exception of 50mm angular blinds. The Coulisse system comprises of a battery powered motor, receiver and remote handset.

50mm angular blinds will use a Somfy wire free motor. Please note that the motors fitted to all shaped blind will only tilt the slats and will not raise and lower the blinds.

shaped venetian blinds with remote control motorised