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Round blinds

Circular shaped venetian blinds will have their slats handcrafted to the angle of their head rail. This means that the slats will tilt from the open position to, either backwards away from the room, or forwards into the room. Porthole blinds can be made so that the bottom section of slats rise up to the centre point (ideal if there’s a window handle to access or for cleaning the window).


  • 50mm Wooden Venetians
  • 25mm Aluminium Venetians (Aluminium Slat Blinds Can Be Privacy Punched).
porthole blinds

Round shutters

There are various shutter options for circular and porthole style windows. We offer 3 different material ranges including hardwood, ABS high-grade plastic and our top of the range White Teak. There are 50 standard colours to choose from with 23 paint colours and 27 wood stains but of course the shutters can be custom-sprayed to virtually any colour of your choice.

Circular shutter panels can be motorised (only if there is a straight section to the panel) using our Powermotion solar-powered motor and award winning remote handset and as with all shutters there are 5 different louvre widths to choose from depending on the size and style of your window.


  • 3 different material ranges including Hardwood, ABS and our top of the range White Teak
  • Over 50 standard colours - painted & stained
  • 5 louvre widths - 47mm, 63mm, 76mm, 89mm & 114mm
  • Manully operated or motorised
Wooden round porthole shutters

Round shapes include

circular blinds and shutters

Round blinds and shutters can be motorised or have manual controls.